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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. winter weather off the top. the storm is dropping snow to our south, but tonight it looks like the d.c. area is in the clear. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm brian bolter. it appears that winter storm will leave us alone, sue palka in the weather center to start us off. >> it didn't even rain here and
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the reason for that is we have very dry air over d.c. and that set up an atmospheric roadblock, did not allow the precipitation to get much closer than about the fredericksburg area during the evening hours. when the cold air started, that's where the snow was. we'll start off with radar tonight. the heaviest snow by far has been south of interstate 64 and west of 95. it is still snowing down in that area, although some of it has been melting. iolite you where we have an issue is -- i'll tell you where we have an issue is in the richmond area. a couple inches has come down pretty past. i saw some thunder and lightning down there and it was enough to cover the roads, so some slip and sliding there. that particular snow is headed over to the hampton roads area. next stop is going to be ft. blackmore in southwestern, west virginia. snow totals topped out at 11 inches, around blacksburg 6 1/2, roanoke with 7 inches.
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check out the storm on sentinel radar. it's a very impressive system. it just did not hit candlelight vigil we're watching a big -- hit d.c. we're watching a big convergence system. as this system works its way to the coast, it will begin shutting off the moisture, but if you have to travel to the south tomorrow, that's where you'll find some of that snow. most of the advisories for d.c. have been canceled. they're still in effect for st. mary's and calvert counties, but i think you'll only get a trace down there. the winter storm warning is where we'll see the heavier totals and that amount will likely come in probably somewhere from 2 to 4 inches. we know we had jackpot totals in southwestern virginia, but that is safely out of the d.c. area. just heads up for traveling later. that's where you may find some slick spots in the morning. there's lots more going on in weather including the coldest
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air of the season showing up on the seven-day forecast, talk about that a bit later. >> a reminder to download the fox 5 weather app on your smartphone or tablet. you can track storms and send us pictures of the weather in your neighborhood. the d.c. police officer accused of killing his former lover and letting their 11 mod baby suffocate in a hot -- 11- month-old baby suffocate in a hot car has been found guilty on all charges. the jury took two hours to decide. >> reporter: more than 15 deputy sheriffs stood watch in a packed courtroom as the jury walked in with the verdict. there was silence as the foreman red guilty seven times. richmond phillips had no visible reaction. wanetta wright and her extended family packed the courtroom every day of the trial. they were overjoyed with the
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verdict. >> he's the devil. that's all i can say. he's the devil. anyone can do something like that just doesn't have a heart aall. >> doesn't deserve to be. >> he knew that was his daughter. >> i'm just so very happy. it was a long road. i was in the hospital from december the 18th up till last wednesday worried and stressed out about this situation. i'm just so glad i made it out to finally see this verdict. >> this has been so hard for us to see the graphic pictures and everything in that courtroom, but justice is served and we know god is good. >> reporter: prosecutors say they will seek life in prison without the possibility of parole for richmond phillips when he's sentenced in march. angela alsobrooks who took part in her first prosecution as state's attorney said she did it for the baby. >> every case is significant to us, but there is something unspeakable about killing a child and this case struck really a chord with all of us. >> reporter: richmond phillips
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was accused of shooting his former lover in the back of the head after he couldn't convince her to drop a paternity suit. he then dragged her body into the woods before driving the 11- month-old baby into a nearby parking lot where he left her to die in a burning hot car. richmond phillips was an eight year veteran of the d.c. police department working as a vice officer in the 1st district. he will be sentenced march 22nd. in upper marlboro, paul wagner, fox 5 news. before taking the first lady to dinner for her birthday in georgetown tonight president obama paid a surprise visit to the staff of the presidential inaugural committee headquarters today, just four days till his second term gets underway. what's going on tonight, fox 5's bob barnard with an inaugural preview. >> there's still a good deal of work being done getting all events ready for in the inaugural events. we stopped by one along the
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eighth street corridor, place for the young, site of the unofficial youth ball this weekend. they're calling this the millennial base camp. >> next 24 hours you will not recognize it. >> reporter: inside this nondescript warehouse at seventh and h streets northeast is headquarters for a weekend's worth of inaugural events for the gen y crowd, 18 to 25-year- olds. >> it's a place for forward looking people to come together, get inspired and celebrate this inauguration's official theme of faith in america's future. >> so often in inauguration we have balls, parties and celebrations, but we don't have any substantive discussion about where we're at and where we're going and how we can really move forward and what that looks like and who are the next leaders of our generation. >> reporter: they will host a young persons ball saturday night following a forum of young thinkers during the day saturday.
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graffiti artist brin connor is one of a handful of local artists invited to express themselves in paint in this open space. omi archon says this inaugural is about new beginnings. >> it means a second term for everyone. it represents success to everyone. >> i wouldn't miss this opportunity again for nothing and i'm so excited. >> reporter: we found mississippi's mattie jackson walking the pennsylvania avenue parade route tonight with her cousins and a couple friends. it's their first inauguration. >> very excited abo the inauguration. it's a unique experience. i'm glad to be part of it. >> reporter: were you here four years ago? >> no. i'm really excited. >> reporter: the presidential reviewing stand is up ready to host the first family, right in front of the white house, the center of attention tonight and will be again monday. >> it's a unique experience most people don't get to see, so we're excited about it.
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>> sheila hall says she and her family will attend the swearing in ceremony at the capitol, but the second term in office for president obama officially begins sunday. he'll take the oath of office in a private ceremony at the white house, then take part in all the public events monday. brian, you mentioned the president taking the first lady out to dinner tonight. it is her birthday. we have sources who are down at cafe milano in georgetown. we're told they're getting ready to leave soon in a party of about 25 family and friends. metro riders will be able to buy a special dale pass inauguration day. nine stations -- all day pass inauguration day. nine stations will sell the special cards. they're 15 bucks and passengers can put more money on them to reuse after inauguration day. metro projects 6 to 800 riders on monday. stay with fox 5 for complete coverage of president obama's second inauguration, both on air and online with everything you need to know about next
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monday's swearing in ceremony on our homepage. thousands of d.c. public schoolchildren will attend different schools next year as the district looks for ways to improve education and cut wasteful spending. today chancellor kaya henderson announced her plan to consolidate 15 schools. 13 will close the end of this year and two more the end of next year. fox 5's matt ackland has the story. >> we need an education! >> reporter: even with the protests this one outside mayor gray's house earlier this week. >> save our schools! save our schools! >> reporter: there was no stopping many of the school closings chancellor kaya henderson announced friday. she said she'll start the process of consolidating schools soon. >> thely we're paying too much and offering too little -- ultimately we're paying too much and offer doing little. we will be able to expand opportunities in some of our most sought after schools. >> reporter: after serious nail biting there were some
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victories. malcomb x elementary in ward 8 was saved. across town garrison elementary in logan circle avoided the axe. >> it's really good to know we don't have to worry about them being split up and be able to stay in place where they're comfortable is really good news. it really is. >> reporter: here at johnson middle school in south east one reason for keeping this school open was the safety of students. chancellor henderson was concerned if you sent the students to other nearby schools, there could be violence. >> this is kids from different neighborhoods who have established, you know, problems with each other, gangs, crews, beefs. >> reporter: some students will be transferred to nearby schools. others will be bussed. when it comes to the school buildings themselves, well, the hope is to turn them into recreation or community centers. what about more school closures in the future? here's what the chancellor had to say. >> i'm hoping not to have to do this again, my friend.
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>> reporter: in the district matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> this plan will save the district $8.5 million. that will be seed into other schools. if you want -- reinvested into other schools. if you want to see the list of closings again, it's on was he duped or lying? everyone is talking about the college football player and his dead girl friend who never even existed. tonight we'll hear from the reporter who broke the story. >> and lance armstrong admits he couldn't have won the tour de france without using drugs. we'll have highlights from his interview with oprah and talk with his sports agent about where he goes from here at 11:00 tonight. >> stay with us, fox 5 news at 10:00 just getting started. [ male announcer ] verizon fios is the fastest internet in america.
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it's our story from the world of college football raising more questions every hour. officials from notre dame university say all american linebacker man tie te'o will have to explain -- manti te'o will have to explain himself about the girl friend who never
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existed. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has the story. >> reporter: the story was a big part of one of the biggest players in college football. notre dame linebacker manti te'o told espn and other media outlets his girl friend died from leukemia in september. >> the most beautiful girl i've ever met. >> reporter: but after an investigation by the website it turns out the girl friend manti te'o claims died from cancer never existed. notre dame officials say te'o was tricked online. >> this was a very elaborate very sophisticated hoax. manti was the victim of that hoax. manti is the victim of that hoax. >> reporter: notre dame athletic director jack swarbrick says in december te'o discovered someone with a fake nape started an online relationship -- name started an online relationship with him and led him to believe she had died in september. >> every single thing about this until that day in the first week of december was real
10:16 pm
to manti. there was no suspicion that it wasn't. pain was real. the grief was real. the affection was real. >> reporter: in a statement manti te'o wrote, "to realize i was the victim of what was apparently someone's sick joke and constant lies was and is painful and humiliating." notre dame fans are shocked. >> i really hope that it's not true that he would have anything to do with it. >> i was incredibly shocked, but you can also see why it is believable. >> reporter: and in te'o's homestate of hawaii words of support. >> he's a good kid and he'd never do anything like that. >> whatever comes out of this we still love manti. >> reporter: in the end perhaps the only sure thing about this story are the last words manti te'o spoke in his final press conference after losing the national championship. >> what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. >> reporter: tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news.
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>> the elaborate hoax that manti te'o played victim to has most recently been termed catfishing. it was created following the documentary catfish. the film focuses on a man who fell in love with a girl after establishing an online relationship. >> i really cared about this girl. >> in the documentary the man character starts to uncover holes in the girl's story which leads him and his friends to find her and he discovers the girl is really a 40-year-old woman. notre dame's athletic director said after thinking his girl friend was dead te'o explained a call from her explaining the real situation that, she and a group of people lied to him about the relationship. the dutchman writer who broke the manti te'o story is speaking out tonight. tim burke said he got a tip from someone who suggested he look into te'o's claim his girl friend died. the girl friend lennay kekua allegedly went to stanford. burke checked it out. >> hey, this person has never been a student there. we looked up the mortuaries and funeral homes in carson, california, where the a.p.
10:18 pm
reported she'd been buried. nobody by that time in had been buried there. >> even though te'o said he'd been duped, burke has his doubts. for the psychology behind romance scams let's bring in clinical psychotherapist cindy crane. thank you for come in tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> if this whole thing is, in fact, a lie, why would someone make up such a hoax and carry it through to this extent? >> i think, if anything, manti was a victim of being just very naive and having kind of a willingness to want so much to have this idealized romantic relationship and kind of got sucked into his own story. >> so when a hoax like this starts taking on a life, why not stop it in its tracks and stop the charade from going on? >> i don't know his back story, but he's being portrayed in the media as being a very naive person and i'm just wondering if it became sort of an issue psychological live idealization in sort of rationalizing some of the information he didn't
10:19 pm
have and just believing so much and wanting so much to believe that this person was real that he ignored some of the signs. >> someone who believes something like this like manti if, in fact, that is the case, how scarring is it to this person psychologically when something like this happens when they realize they've been duped in such a big way? >> oh, my gosh, i would want to make sure that he has tons of support around him. i think it can be very scarring, humiliating in such a huge public way. i would want to make sure that he had people kind of watching him and making sure he contracts for safety for himself. i think he's at risk for himself. >> something like this i would imagine would stop a real victim from coming forward because of the sheer embarrassment of it alone to say i was taken in such a way. >> maybe. i think the internet is very powerful and to be honest, i think the media played a role in this, too. there were a lot of media jobs that depended on the spin of
10:20 pm
this romantic story and i think the internet itself becomes a very credible source of information for so many of us including the media. >> let's take manti is a mastermind and came up with this elaborate hoax. is there some sort of psychological thrill a perpetrator would get from this? is it the fear of discovery perhaps that drives them? why would someone do this, if this was their intent? >> that be pretty character logically obscure and probably a less likely scenario, but yeah, you'd be really inventing some sort of fantasy for maybe some risk value or how far can i push this kind of thing? >> all right. i guess we'll have to watch the chips fall where they will and decide how this one plays out. thanks a lot. clinical psychotherapist cindy crane. >> thanks. >> do you think manti te'o was duped or lying? last check 85% believe he is lying with 15% believing he was
10:21 pm
fooled. you can vote in the poll on our facebook page. a bizarre claim from d.c.'s mayor for life, council member marion barry said the feds tried to kill him during the sting that ended in his arrest, details on the other side of the break. 
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former mayor and current d.c. council member marion barry is claiming the feds tried to kill him during their 1990 sting operation when he was caught smoking crack cocaine in a hotel room. barry tells u.s. news and world report he doused the substance he smoked at crack and said emts were on hand during the sting. an fbi who oversaw the operation called the comments absurd and disappointing. barry served six months in prison on drug charges. a major proactive step has been taken against breast cancer by miss rose.
10:25 pm
the university of maryland graduate said she'll undergo a double mastectomy to reduce her chance of developing the disease. this morning she joined fox 5 to talk about how she came to such a life changing decision. >> going back through my family history finding out that this disease took all the women in my family, i said i don't want that to be me and i don't want to be like my mom at 51 writing a letter to me telling me everything she wanted to say in four pages and if i can do something to drastically decrease my likelihood of getting this disease, that's what i'm going to do. >> rose says she first began contemplating the procedure when she was 18 after her father suggested it. the woman who wrote the advice column known as dear abby has died. fall lien friedman phillips wrote the -- pauline friedman phillips wrote the long running column under the name of abigail van buren. by the time her family realized she was diagnosed with alzheimer's in 2002 her
10:26 pm
daughter had taken over the column. her twin sister was ann landers. phillips was 94. coming up the colorado movie theater where a gunman opened fire last summer is about to reopen, a private ceremony held there tonight. >> plus we talked to a lawmaker who made this video to show just how easy it is to buy a weapon at a gun show. there is no mass produced human.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we're hearing more reaction tonight from the national rifle association to president obama's gun control proposals. members are firing back saying the president's plan is an attack on the second amendment. they are upset the president had children in the background during the announcement yesterday. >> the fact is this announcement by the president really was less about protecting our children than it was about using our children to promote an anti-gun agenda, an agenda he's had most of his political life. >> president obama called for a ban on military style assault
10:30 pm
weapons and high capacity gun clips and wants background checks for all gun buyers. two northern virginia lawmakers wanted to show how easy it is to buy a weapon. they posted video of themselves buying a handgun and high capacity magazine at a recent gun show trying to promote tighter restrictions in the commonwealth, but this will probably be an uphill battle as fox 5's john henrehan reports. >> reporter: delegate patrick hope and senator adam ebbing have companion bills they call gun safety ledge laying. both men attended a huge gun -- legislation. both men attended a huge gun show in chantilly and showed how easy it was for anyone to purchase a gun and high number ammunition clip. >> i was stunned. it was easier than i thought. in fact, you go around and ask people where can i go purchase a gun without a criminal
10:31 pm
background check? how can a void that? and people would point out different dealers that you could do that. it was easier than i imagined and i was shocked. >> reporter: in the video the private seller jokes about the lack of a background check. >> you're not a felon this week. next week. >> reporter: the delegate lays out $175 in cash and purchases a .22 caliber pistol. senator ebbing spent $20 purchased a high capacity ammunition magazine. >> i bought a 30 round ammunition magazine that can be used lethally and this is the sale sort of device that was used -- same sort of device that was used in newtown, connecticut to, take 20 innocent children's lives and six brave adults lives. >> reporter: the two legislators are trying to talk the general assembly into requiring background checks for every weapons transaction and want to make it a crime for anyone to sell or give a weapon to someone who is mentally ill and they want to ban high
10:32 pm
capacity magazines. they also want to keep weapons out of the virginia statehouse. those who favor gun rights are expected to gather here in great numbers monday. their message to legislators will be do not restrict sales. society is safer when people can choose to protect themselves. in richmond, john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> the nra says one way to prevent another school shooting is to have armed guards posted at every school. d.c. mayor vincent gray says he's open to the idea but did stop short of saying he'd support armed teachers. phil mendelson is against both ideas and says the response to gun violence is not to have more guns. an emotional gathering in colorado today at the aurora movie theater where alleged gunman james holmes opened fire reopened for business. some of the victims attended the opening while others boycotted the event. >> reporter: victims, their
10:33 pm
families and first responders returning to the theater where a gunman opened fire nearly six months ago killing 12 and injuring dozens. they're at the theater for a private ceremony called a night of remembrance to be followed by a movie screening after the company that owns it reportedly spent $1 million on renovations remodeling the interior. >> we've come here this evening resolute that this 1 act of violence will never define us as a community. >> reporter: colorado governor john hickenlooper is among the attendees, but the reopening is not welcomed by all those who were affected by the massacre. many victims' families are boycotting the event, some sending a rejection letter to cinemark after receiving an invitation from the theater's owner writing in part after reading our response to your ridiculously offensive invitation you now know why we will not be attending your reopening celebration and will be using every social media
10:34 pm
tool at our disposal to ask the other victims to ask their friends and family to honor us by boycotting the killing field of our children. and a man who was shot in the leg the night of the attack says he's just now able to go see a movie. >> first going in there i was checking the exits. i was watching people's pockets and people's hands. it was weird for me at first and it was is are radio. >> reporter: aurora's mayor says the theater needs -- it was surreal. >> reporter: aurora's mayor says the theater needs to reopen to help the healing of community. the theater will reopen to the public friday. up next hollywood tackles the penn state sex scandal and a director and legendary actor are already involved. >> plus terrifying moments for a woman while she was buried in an avalanche. construction workers are getting a workout because builders were breaking ground on new homes in december by the
10:35 pm
fastest pace in more than four years. 2012 is turning out to be the best year for construction since the housing bubble burst. one of the reasons for this surge in building? low modern rate. guess, what they went down -- mortgage rates, guess what, they went down again, a 30 year fixed rate falling to 3.4%. you might want to keep an eye on american express on the heels of announcing big job cuts, the credit card company saying it's earning a little less than that, earning down because some of those restructuring costs are up, but excluding those costs the company actually beat revised estimates. american airlines is getting a makeover trying to get itself out of bankruptcy. some of its planes will have a new paint job and logo. the new look on the planes flying into action at the end of the month. that's business. i'm neil cavuto. i got it when we could download an hd movie in like two minutes.
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news alert from california where toyota announced it's settling a wrongful death suit with the families of two people killed when their car accelerated unexpectedly. the two were killed when their car slammed into a wall in 2010. hundreds of other wrongful death suits are pending. toyota offered to pay a billion dollars claiming owners suffered money losses when their cars suddenly sped up. in algeria u.s. authorities are awaiting word on the fate of some americans being held by islamic extremists. earlier today algerian special forces stormed a gas plant where the militants were holding dozens of hostages. during the raid some of the
10:40 pm
hostages and mutants were killed. it's unclear how many. -- militants were killed. it's unclear how. -- how many. al pacino will be in a movie called happy valley based on joe paterno as the winningest coach in college football history who saw his career end in disgrace in 2010 with the sex abuse scandal involving assistant jerry sandusky. tonight on the news edge get ready for more construction in metro stations. why trough says the headaches will be worth it in the -- why metro says the headaches will be worth it in the end. stay with us.
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ahead of the inauguration the library of congress has
10:44 pm
president abraham lincoln's bible on display for the swearing in ceremony. the other bible belonged to martin luther king, jr. president harry truman used two bibles for his swearing in in 1949. it was also the first inauguration that was televised. the men we met today didn't have to watch it on tv. they lived it. here's fox 5's beth parker. >> reporter: these three guys have some stories to tell. they didn't just witness history. they were part of it. >> we were there because we had to be there. >> reporter: they joke a lot, but this was serious business. in 1949 gray parks and scott shipe were west point cadets. >> i, harry s. truman, do solemnly swear. >> reporter: they took a train to union station for president truman's inauguration, even marched in the parade. >> it was quite an honor to be in the parade. >> reporter: jim upp was a 16- year-old d.c. boy scout assigned the duty of helping line the inaugural parade route. >> it was fun because you had
10:45 pm
the best eye view of the whole parade as it came by. >> reporter: it's interesting all three men who participated in the 1949 inauguration are now neighbors. they all live here at the greenspring retirement community in springfield. they all remember it being quite cold. >> the cars were coming by the front of the parade. off went the coats and when they passed up went to salute. of course, it was a three finger salute at that time. >> still is. >> still is. >> only i can't hold my fingers together. >> reporter: yes, they caught a glimpse of the president. >> yes. i vaguely saw him, but mainly i was concerned about these two buttons on the side of my hat. it seemed like they were constantly tightening and giving me more of a headache. >> reporter: parks and shipe also remember truman's visit to west point to speak at their commencement in 1952. >> he was a commander in chief. >> reporter: a pole with a clock on top had been freshly
10:46 pm
painted for the president's visit until a classmate of theirs played a prank. >> he went out and painted the red stripe like a barber pole around the clock. >> reporter: administrators were horrified, but the president seemed to get a kick out of it. >> president truman said if you catch the guy that did it, i'm going to pardon you. this is one of the great things that's happened. >> reporter: one for the history books. in springfield, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> if you'd like to jam out to president obama's inaugural play list, he released a 16 track wish list for monday's festivities including song by stevie wonder, usher, james taylor and katy perry. all those artists will be performing at different inaugural events throughout the weekend. >> looks like a fun event indeed. it's going to be an okay weekend. >> i was going to ask can we expect better weather than today? >> we'll probably be in the 40s, close to 50 degrees maybe on sunday.
10:47 pm
tonight's nonevent is not going to cause problems. >> for some people. >> it absolutely is an event for central virginia and has caused problems down there and 7 inches of snow in southwestern virginia. it's a very impressive storm. it just didn't affect us and honestly the forecast was for it not to really do much in d.c. i said last night 50/50 chance that we get nothing and pretty much nothing is what we have in this area. it is beginning to move out of town. we want to start with radar and go back to our other system. it kind of paints a more specific picture of what's going on. it colorizes the snow. just south of fredericksburg is about where it stayed the. the dry air did not allow it to get much closer. it changed over and you can see it's almost like there's a brick wall and this prince can't get any farther north. back -- precipitation can't get any farther north. the back edge is starting to
10:48 pm
clear. watch for the slick spots in the morning. if you're headed down 95 toward richmond, could be some slick spots. norfolk will get snow even in the next couple hours. now to sentinel radar and the composite picture. it's much more dramatic because it takes a number of radars together. there's that big swath of snow south of 64 west of 95 where the bulk of it was through central and southern virginia, portions of north carolina and the storm is now rotate over to the coast and would not be surprised if there was a bit of thunder here and there. we have saw that earlier tonight in richmond, but as the system gets to the coast, it's going to zip away. friday morning we'll start out sunny. meanwhile a little bit of snow locally. we had some big jackpot totals in southwestern virginia. monticello got an inch, charlottesville a trace and greensville 4 1/2 inches, about it for our area. winter weather advisories just about gone. they certainly will be at 1
10:49 pm
a.m. the only thing really left in our region is st. mary's county and then here is through the northern neck, winter storm warning continues the next couple hours, eastern shore also has that going. so heads up for some slick spots there. temperatures have helped. it's 41 degrees in the city, 40 in the annapolis, so not cold and certainly pavement was going to be okay. did you see all the salt they put on the road earlier today on 270 much? i thought it was snowing salt. quantico 38, leonard town 34. hopefully that salt will protect areas to the south because our futurecast is showing as this changes over to snow about 1 a.m., we'll see it exiting senator folk with some snow -- norfolk with some snow and then a chilly breezy friday, but a dry day. i don't expect any problems tonight across much of the metro area. the area of low pressure that produced the storm tonight is
10:50 pm
very dynamic and impressive. as it pulls away too far south to affect us we bring in high pressure tomorrow which creates that breeze, but again a good amount of sunshine. big time cold is coming. over the weekend we'll keep the arctic air to the north, but beginning on monday the leading edge of the colder air comes in and next week especially after monday it gets quite cold including maybe even some snow showers for inaugural day with temperatures in the upper 30s. your fox 5 accuweather seven- day forecast and the next seven days tomorrow 39 degrees and we jump it up to 49 saturday, 46 sunday, not bad, but a cold front coming through sunday night. bring in the cold stuff and layers if you're out watching the parade and swearing in on monday. by the way, if it does get to 38, that would be eight degrees warmer than the last one. i think the snow showers through it might be kind of interesting for people. it was a skiing trip that
10:51 pm
nearly turned deadly. melissa malloy and her boyfriend were skiing near salt lake city last saturday when during one downhill run they triggered an avalanche. malloy was trapped for about five minutes but said she knew her boyfriend would rescue her. >> so i just said a few things to myself like it's not time for me. this isn't it. i'm going to just breathe really slowly and adam will find me. i just had that feeling that i was going to be fine. >> she was right. her boyfriend adam murray used an avalanche shovel to dig already out and rescue crews flew her to a nearby hospital. she suffered frostbite to her hand and leg but will make a full recovery. watch as a firefighter scales a truck ladder to reach people tracked on the fourth floor. a huge come of snow comes off the roof sending the
10:52 pm
firefighters tumbling down. fortunately he hung onto the ladder as a fellow firefighter rushed to help him. they were able to get back and successfully help the victims of that apartment fire. coming up next, mariah carey versus nicki minaj, wasting no time taking shots at each other. >> and at 11:00 find out what you're paying for at subway. now your capital rundown with tom fitzgerald. >> we're back with your look at what's upcoming, new and noteworthy, your capital rundown for the week of january 21st, 2013. monday is inauguration day. president obama will take the oath of the oval office at 12 noon on the west steps of the united states capitol followed by the parade down pennsylvania avenue. tuesday, january 22nd, the president and vice president will attend the inaugural
10:53 pm
national prayer service featuring prayers, reading, musical performance starting at 10:30 a.m. at washington national cathedral. wednesday, january 23rd secretary of state hillary clinton will testify about last september's terrorist attack of the u.s. consulate in benghazi libya taking place at the house foreign affairs committee room in 2172 of the rayburn office building. thursday, january 24th the senate foreign relations committee will hold a confirmation hearing for john kerry starting at 10 a.m. in the hart office building. friday, january 25th, the georgetown public policy is to host an inaugural conference on at risk children, youth and system reform that will be held at 8:30 a.m. at the georgetown university conference center here in washington and that it is your capital rundown for the week of january 21st, 2013. you'll find us on and on twitter #capitalrundown.
10:54 pm
i'm tom fitzgerald. we'll see you next week. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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♪ god is able and he won't fail ♪ . he's headed to hollywood, curtis finch jr. of st. louis impressed the judges in tonight's american idol show, one of dozens of singers that tried out in chicago. it was apparent from the beginning of this show the fighting between mariah carey and nicki minaj began in their very first city and it's only gotten worse. fox's adam housley has more. >> you guys are from new york? >> we can have accessories? i didn't know that was allowed. that's the last thing i'm going to say much. >> reporter: it didn't take long for new american idol
10:58 pm
judges mariah carey and nicki minaj to mix things up. the friction between the two was obvious during wednesday's season premier. >> i have to strangle one of the divas on the panel, but i won't tell you who. >> i can barely remember the auditions last night. none of them were big standouts. only one of them was shown in full and the rest were mariah and nicki straight off the bat feuding over the contestants. >> reporter: the show was taped last september in new york city and was the first time the new judges worked together. several weeks later tmz released video of a heated audio that took place during the charlotte audition. >> from the get go on last night's episode we were seeing it really in the first five minutes and realized that the feud did not start when that tmz footage in north carolina was shot a few tapings in. they did start it from the get go with the very first taping in new york.
10:59 pm
>> reporter: while the audition rounds will likely feature more drama between the two, yahoo's lindsay parker hopes the focus shifts to the contestants. >> american idol needs to refocus on the contestants. it might be fun to watch the cat fight for one episode, but if the whole season is nicki versus mariah instead of scotty versus lauren, we need to get back to the talent and find another phillip if i lips, kelly clarkson. that's what eye -- phillips, kelly clarkson. that's what idol is all about. >> the news keeps coming, brian bolter with the news edge at 11:00. winter weather hits the southern states but stops short of the d.c. area. we're still facing cold and windy weather. the snow hits north carolina, parts of southern virginia. looks like we're in the clear here. we'll start off with sue palka in the weather center. >> it's almost over for just ut

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